Hertz Uber Rental Car Program

You're hearing that right. In case your car broke down, and you need to be working. Hertz has teamed up with Uber to offer an easy and accessible way for common drivers to continue driving. This is available in select cities, but we don't doubt it will continue to grow as the demand for Uber drivers increases.

Earn Uber Credits from Local Business

If you connect your Visa card to your Uber app, you can be gaining credits every-time you spend money on participating local businesses. Sure its a small amount, but when it accumulates it can really help you get a free ride when you least expect it.

JUMP Bikes Through One App

You've seen those bikes around the city. You probably have wondered, "well I'm tired of driving and one to go on a bike ride?". Wonder no more, for you can get access to one of those bikes right through the Uber app.